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Brillovsky at Mauerpark

Brillovsky Rotating Stand

Brillovsky at “Boxi”

Market sale

Brillovsky’s market sale takes place every Saturday at the Boxhagener Platz weekly market and every Sunday at the flea market at Boxhagener Platz in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The latter is a flea market that is extremely popular with Berliners and visitors to Berlin. The word flea isnt taken literally here – a pure, authentic market. No real flea. Used or vintage items are offered here in every form: furniture, vinyl, everyday items of all possible and impossible kinds, clothing and accessories as well as art and crafts in every form. But no fleas. The weekly market has existed in the same place for over 100 years. In addition to the food, a lot of it from the region, a lot of it organic, there are also other stands that offer everything possible and interesting: jewelry, handicrafts, fashion, coffee from the cart, lovingly made luxury cakes or 2-minute portrait drawings.

The “Boxi” is a square, outside the stands, in the middle a meadow for relaxing, meeting place for various people from Friedrichshain or from the whole city or the whole world. A children’s playground and square stone plaza, surrounded by raised seating, is the ideal starting point for ongoing shows or music performances. And in hot temperatures, artistic bronze penguins in the middle serve as water sprinklers for small and large children. Around the Boxi there are all kinds of food and drink options with a huge selection of snack bars and late bars, cafes and restaurants, diverse, international, vegan and non-vegan – and almost everywhere at fair prices.

Brillovsky market sale 
Berlin Friedrichshain
Flea market Boxhagener Platz
On the square between Grünberger Str./ Gärtnerstr./ Krossener Str./ Gabriel-Max-Str.
Bus 240 - Boxhagener Platz
Brillovsky-Stand along Grünberger Straße at the bus stop
Every Sunday 12pm-6pm 

Flea market Boxhagener Platz
Brillovsky-Stand along Krossener Str. at the entrance to the park
Every Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m