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The interest in good, classic eyewear design is still great and this online shop is intended to respond to the many inquiries. It is deliberately kept simple and clear. It should contain all the important information about the individual vintage glasses and vintage sunglasses. The overview of the years is made to the best of our knowledge and belief and is intended to be an orientation for all interested parties. Discounts apply to multiple customers. More information and further questions about warranty, return, etc. can be found in the Contact / FAQ menu.


…. has been around since 2004 – starting with collecting, processing, restoring and trading in original 1950s to 1970s glasses and sunglasses.

The enthusiasm for original designs of the decades of the last century of furniture, architecture, clothing or accessories is the mainspring behind the creation of Brillovsky. Holding an object in your hands that is several decades old and is no longer manufactured or can no longer be bought on the regular market is something special. It is often the subtleties, the color or the material that sets the difference between the original and the retro matters. The chance of owning an original piece that no one else can come up with the same, actually unique model is is very high – even with vintage glasses and vintage sunglasses. Preserving the old – this is only conservative in a moral sense, in the matter of design it is commonly the exact opposite and is often motivated by not wanting to chase after every fast-moving fashion. Wearers of the glasses or sunglasses accessory can also wear something to the outside, namely their very own taste, which at the same time can give original and unadulterated expression to his or her preference for the spirit of a very specific time.

Through many years of sales on markets in Berlin, the name Brillovsky has achieved a certain level of fame not only among Berliners. Brillovsky stands for old, beautiful eyewear design. Today the collection includes vintage glasses and vintage sunglasses from the entire 20th century, with a focus on the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s original, individual, originally unique.

Brillovsky Glasses

The vintage sunglasses and vintage glasses frames come from old optician sales warehouses as well as from private collections. All models, as new or worn, are checked and, if necessary, prepared and restored – with attention to detail and the original design.

Lenses, both corrective lenses and sun lenses, can be used in all frames or replaced in sunglasses. Most opticians are happy to accept such orders. For recommendations of opticians in Berlin, see partners.